Katie Giles

"I began to feel that the drama of the truth that is in the moment and in the past is richer and more interesting than the drama of Hollywood movies. So I began looking at documentary films."
-Ken Burns

End of level 2

Been extremely busy lately! Working like mad to get everything finished up for the end of level 2. As I’m on a fast track I have to complete a 3 year course in 2, therefore I start level 3 after Christmas.
Can’t wait to start filming and scripting some of my ideas, and working with others in my class on a professional level. Will also have to start actually thinking of work after graduation…

…At least I’ll be able to blog more since I’ll be more in-control of my deadlines. ^.^

Penrose News

Presented again for Penrose news, blasted through the script and managed to set up and film adequately within 2 hours, despite loosing voice and dosing up especially.

I’ll post up a link to a final edited version when finished. 


A few weeks back, the charity event Stickaid was held and broadcast from Ravensbourne. A 24hour broadcasting event involving various familiar faces. I stayed for the whole 24 hours and found the whole experience very rewarding and exhausting.


Short form idea for summer project

ASA Productions work placement

Started a work placement today as ASA Productions working as a Production Assistant. Todays jobs mainly consisted of running errands and going over post production scripts for their latest documentary.

Overall really enjoying it and glad I have a whole month ahead of me.

Sorry, it’s been a while, Just reminding you that my channel on Youtube, KatieBellaGlowGiles is going to have a little more activity soon, and my second video ^^ is up, so view, rate, subscribe- Just shows me that you care!